GDPR compliance by May 2018. Is it a Dream or can it be a Reality?

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By now, most companies have kick-started their GDPR program initiative. But there is growing consensus that GDPR compliance is impossible to achieve for most companies and organisation by the May 2018 deadline.

So how far should we go to address our risks along this compliance journey and how can we get value from the investment? Let’s hear what other companies are doing.

Join us and a team of multidisciplinary experts involved with the implementation and running Data Privacy initiatives within their organisations to discuss this and other topics. This is a Free event with registration available on our Meetup Page.


Our Panelists include:

• Joëlle Jouret from the Belgian Data Protection Authority

• Peter Thiers is the Data Innovation & Protection Officer @ Roularta Media Group

• Sophie Angenot is Managing Partner at QuaData and President at DQA vzw

• Johan Vandendriessche is an attorney-at-law at Erkelens Law

• Christoph Balduck is Managing Partner of Data Trust Associates.

• John M Walsh is Managing Partner of Data Trust Associates and Co-Founder of the Data Protection Forum

Joëlle Jouret works in the field of data protection for a bit more than 9 years. She has a legal background and works currently as legal adviser at the Belgian Data Protection Authority. She is, mainly, in charge of the practical implementation of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation and all the questions relating to that Regulation, including in several working groups within the Article 29 working party which is composed of all European supervisory authorities in data protection.She was the worldwide Data Protection Officer at Swift when she got the opportunity to support, as an expert, the Luxembourg Presidency for negotiating in trilogue the final version of the GDPR. She has thus an in-depth knowledge of the content of the GDPR.She started her career as a legal adviser within the Privacy Section, Department of the Human Rights at the Belgian Ministry of Justice.She often participates in conference as a speaker on issues relating to data protection, including GDPR.”

Peter Thiers  is the Data Innovation & Protection Officer @ Roularta Media Group. He assists the CEO and the different business units of Roularta Media Group in data-, CRM- and audience development-related innovation: digital publishing, paid content strategies, subscription management, pricing analysis.

He is involved in data and CRM architecture, vendor and tool selection, and initiates or participates in cross-departemental innovation projects (paywalls, e-commerce, Customer Identity & Access Management, Master Data Management, news personalisation, …).  He is also appointed as Data Protection Officer for Roularta Media Group.

Sophie Angenot is Managing Partner at QuaData and President at DQA vzw.

Johan Vandendriessche is an attorney-at-law at Erkelens Law.

Johan’s practice covers ICT law, data protection and privacy law, as well as intellectual property law. Johan combines his law practice with several academic activities. He is, amongst others, Visiting Professor in ICT law at the University of Ghent and Visiting Professor in ICT and Data Protection Law at the HoWest University of Applied Science.

Christoph Balduck is Managing Partner of Data Trust Associates.

He is a EU certified Data Protection Officer (EIPA) with a broad data and information management background. He advises, coaches and executes both on Data privacy and data protection roles as well as on data and information management roles such as CDO, Data/information Architect and Senior Data Management Advisor.

Christoph regularly teaches on the practical implementation of GDPR through various academic, public and in-house channels.

John M Walsh is Managing Partner of Data Trust Associates and Co-Founder of the Data Protection Forum.

John has been working across both the Business and IT departments of different industries and in different roles for over 25 years. Having been involved in several compliance, Y2K, reorganisations and transformations programs over the years, he sees GDPR as one of the most important and transformative aspects that impacts both Business and IT in more ways than we now imagine.

By putting the EU Citizen at the centre and through the non-commercial initiative of the Data Protection Forum, John hopes to promote not just the cause of compliance but that of ethics and the business value that can be obtained.

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