Data Protection Podcast • What is GDPR and why does it matter?

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Following on from our recent Data Protection meetup event in Dublin on March 20th, we have extracted into audio format the following key talking points from the first of the two panel discussion sessions.

Topics discussed

  1. What is GDPR and why does it matter? • Fred Logue & Emerald De Leeuw
  2. The relationship of GDPR with Ethics & What is personal Data • Daragh O’Brien
  3. What do we look for if we think someone’s data is being erroneously treated? • Simon McGarrEmerald De Leeuw
  4. Positioning GDPR in relation to other laws • Fred Logue & Simon McGarr
  5. Old approach versus new approach to DP issues • Daragh O’Brien & Simon McGarr
  6. The essence and scope of data protection • Daragh O’Brien & Simon McGarr
  7. It’s not public and private data, it’s person and non-personal data • Emerald De Leeuw,   Fred Logue & Simon McGarr
  8. Is my position as a processor changed under GDPR? • Daragh O’Brien & Simon McGarr
  9. Cross-border transfers & data processor agreements •  Daragh O’BrienSimon McGarrEmerald De Leeuw
  10. Right to be forgotten versus right to be deleted • Daragh O’BrienSimon McGarrEmerald De Leeuw
  11. Must you be a lawyer to practice in data protection? • Daragh O’BrienSimon McGarrEmerald De Leeuw

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